Can I view my potential payoff for a wager?

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Once you are logged in to your account follow these step-by step directions:

  1. Find the particular event /team on which you wish to place a bet.
  2. Check the box beside the item(s) in question (for example, Bears on the Moneyline at -130). This will put the bet on the betting ticket on the right.
  3. Select your wager type from the tabs at the top of the ticket (e.g. straight wager).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to bet or the amount you want to win in the relevant box (e.g. $10.00)
  5. Click the 'Place Bet' button. Please note - you can put several bets at once on to the betting ticket for review before confirming them. This can include straight wagers, parlays, props and futures. Repeat steps 1 to 5  in order to put all your bets on to the betting ticket.
  6. You will now see your wager(s) previewed on your betting ticket on the left side of the screen.  This shows the wager type, wager amount, prospective payout and team(s) selected, e.g:
    Straight Wager, 10.00/7.69, Bears(Chicago)  -130.
    The payout in the example above is $7.69 for the $10 bet.
  7. Your bet has now been placed and you can view your wager in the 'pending wagers' section of the site.


The maximum bet online is set by the WIN amount on a particular event.  When you go to place your bets, you'll see a small yellow box on the betting ticket that says MAX.  If you click on it the system will automatically calculate the maximum amount you can bet on that game.  This will make it easier to find out and place the maximum wager on any event.