How do I deposit online?

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Please follow these steps for making a Visa and MasterCard deposit online (where applicable):

  • Click on DEPOSIT (and log-in if you haven't already done so). You will see the Credit Card option displayed. Please refer to the deposit policy in the Cashier for limits (min and max) and other details.
  • Carefully fill in the requested information.
  • If applicable, enter a deposit promotion code in the field provided.
  • Please check all details carefully before clicking on the 'Deposit' button.
  • Within seconds the status of your deposit will be announced. If successful, the funds are available for wagering immediately. Please go to MY ACCOUNT > CASHIER HISTORY > Deposit History for details of the deposit, how the charge will appear on your statement and, if applicable, the bonus amount awarded.

If unsuccessful, you may return to the DEPOSIT screen and try again. You are allowed four attempts in a 24 hour period (resets at midnight Pacific Time). If your deposit fails four times with one card you may try with another card if you have one. Otherwise, you might consider acquiring Bitcoin and transfer the Bitcoin to the Bitcoin address that is provided in your Cashier.