How to use a Free Bet

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If you're placing a wager that meets the requirements, then you will be offered the Free Bet option in the confirmation screen.  It's up to you whether you use it on that bet or whether you save it for a different bet selection.

When selected, you'll get a drop-down menu with the amount(s) of the free bet(s) available.  Click on the amount you'd like to use.

No deductions will be made from your balance as this is an absolutely free bet.  Once the wager is placed, it will show up in your wagering history identified with a green FREE marker. 

Free Bets apply only to Game Lines.  Here are the complete Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only the winnings of graded Free Bets are paid out. There are no rollover requirements.
  2. Free Bet applies to Straight Wagers, Parlays, Progressive Parlays, Props and Teasers.  If Bets, Round Robins and Futures do not qualify for the Free Bet.
  3. To claim your free bet you must add a qualifying wager to your bet ticket.
  4. Once a qualifying wager is added to the bet ticket, you will see a ‘Use Free Bet’ option on the ticket, above your selection.
  5. Select the ‘Use Free Bet’ option, pick the Free Bet you would like to use and submit your wager.
  6. Maximum payout ratio for Free Bets is 100:1 (Money Line +10,000).
  7. Minimum payout ratio for Free Bets is 1:2 (Money Line -200).
  8. Free Bets are available only by invitation.
  9. Free Bet expires at 11:59pm PT on noted expiry date.
  10. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time.
  11. House rules apply.

Please note: A free bet cannot be split up over several wagers; it must be used on one bet only.