Understanding the acronyms in the betting trends/stats sheets

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#P - Penalties
ATS - Against the Spread
ATT - Passing Attempts
COMP - Passing Completions
FD - First Downs
FD - First Downs per game
F-I - Fumbles Lost-Interceptions Thrown
PCT - Completion Percentage
PDIF - Point Differential
Plays - Plays per Game
PPG - Points per Game
PY - Passing Yards
PYPA - Passing Yards per Attempt
PYPC - Passing Yards per Completion
RA - Rushing Attempts
RY - Rushing Yards
RYPA - Rushing Yards per Attempt
SS - Schedule Strength (Avg. Power Rating of Opponents Played)
SU - Straight UP
TOD - Turnover Differential
Yds - Total Yards
YPP - Total Yards per Play
YPPT - Total Yards per Point
OU - Over/Under
TY - Total Yards
PF - Points FOR